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A Brief Introduction

SCEA was started by Elly Wishart in 2016 to create a training program that welcomes people from a variety of disciplines & levels to support each other as a team. The academy now trains people all over the South Coast with clinics in Cornwall, Devon, Isle of Wight, West Sussex & Elly's base, Hampshire.

Building Confidence
Improving Technical Understanding
Fun & Inventive Sessions
Core Engagement, Supple Movement 

Elly is a young coach with alot of experience, enthusiasm and energy... (Mainly because shes survives on pancakes)

She is a British Showjumping UKCC Level 2 Coach & Level 1 Course Designer, with experience in Dressage, Eventing & has even dabbled in a bit of Vaulting... There was a very brief horse boarding adventure, which rapidly ended up in A&E with a fractured pelvis

Elly has a keen interest in Horse & Rider Biomechanics, and is also a Pilates instructor working towards her advanced orthopedic qualification. To read more click here...

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