​Pilates & Biomechanics
Correct core engagment is proving to be a great assest to have both when riding and in general life! It creates a stable foundation for you to work from allowing easier and more efficient movement and decreasing risk of injury. Although we are riding focused all exercises will help people of all ages, abilities wether riding related or not!

Painted Horse Biomechanics Demos
with Ellie Sidebottom  from Alicorn Equine Massage
We know... its pretty confusing were both called Elly/Ellie! But we both specalise in different areas.
Ellie S is an Equine Sports Massage therapist with a background in Vetinary Nursing, during the demos she talks you through the muscular skeletal system, teaching you the where, how & whys of the equine core.
Elly W's focus is on the rider, and how using their core correctly can help both horse & rider find a straighter, suppler & more balanced way of going.
For more details or to book a demo please contact us

​​Benifits of Pilates

- Core Stability & Postural Alignment
- Improves Mobility & Flexibilty
- Learn how to Engage your Core Muscles
- Increase muscle tone & strength
- Can help to alleviate back pain & stiffness
- Improve Physical & Mental Wellbeing

​When & Where

We have small groups with a maximum of 4 in each class giving me more to time to ensure you are preforming exercises correctly to get maximum benefit. Our 6 week courses are competitively priced at just £30! Classes are held at Clamp Farm 6.30pm & 7,30pm every Wednesday night. Please message us if you would  like to join a course or have a 1-1 session

Below are a few pics where core strength has come in particularly handy!
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Elly is currently training to become a Specalist Pilates Instructor, combining this with her equestrian background and the core strength gained from all her other activities (see right) Makes her a real ninja for correct posture both in and out of the saddle, just dropping one shoulder can have a domino's effect on not just your own body but also your horses... maybe thats the reason they are  always falling in on the right rein! ;)

If you prefer to keep your exercise in the saddle... Elly also offers lunge  lessons to help develop your seat and core engagement, in turn your balance and stickability! If you fancy it theres a few vaulting tricks she can teach you to!