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Wayne Wood has got an outstanding reputation for farriery. His wealth on knowledge and care shines in his great work and approachable attitdude. Always happy to explain his work and has your horses best interest at heart.


The one story that I always brag about with Wayne is when he literally saved Jaspers life. My friend was in dispare with her warmblood gelding, after vet visits and many months of different treatment Jasper just wasnt coming sound and the heartbreaking decision to put him down was made. As a last resort I suggested to Steph she let Wayne have a look, with some home made shoes and inventive pads Jasper was sound again! Three years on  and hes still going strong!

Alicorne Equine Massage - maximum mobility, optimum performance​

Ellie is a highly experienced sports masseur specialising in the therapeutic treatment of horses. With qualifications in Reiki, Equine Sports Science, Human Swedish Massage and Equine Sports Massage, her skill and knowledge in the field is second to none.

Every time Ellie has seen Corey I cant wait to jump him again, its like shes unleashed 20% more power! As for Blue, talk about ten years younger, they both love it when Ellie comes to visit! We have worked together on many horses I have in for schooling, as I always like to start them after ironing out and issues first to make sure they start comfortable and stay comfortable! We've had some really great results.
EQUI-BOX® By Regal Coachworks - Supporting the FE teams and building the highest quality bestoke horse boxes around

Regal Coachworks are a friendly and extremely professional company with a conscientious team of highly skilled craftsmen, bringing together over 65 years of combined craftsmanship, engineering and manufacturing experience to give you the best service avaliable.

The entrepreneurial spirit and selfless dedication ensures their customer are constantly at the forefront of everyone’s mind, enabling them to achieve excellence without compromise - the whole team from apprentices to directors, ensures that they are perfectly placed to become the number one bespoke coach building company in the country.

It is their goal to design and manufacture the highest quality, hand built horseboxes and motorhomes, to a standard more akin to the higher echelons of the luxury car market whilst keeping it available to the budgets of the general public. What more could you want... other then one on your drive right now!{cke_protected}{C}%3C!%2D%2D%20react-text%3A%20121%20%2D%2D%3E {cke_protected}{C}%3C!%2D%2D%20%2Freact-text%20%2D%2D%3E
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